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Football BC Concussion Policy for Members

* last revised June 17, 2014

All Football BC member associations, clubs and teams must abide by the guidelines set out in the concussion policy.

The following is what is required from each association and/or clubs:

1. ALL coaches must complete and pass the "Making Head Way in Football" online course from and have it listed on their profile.

  • Coaches must complete the "Making Head Way in Football" online course from (Note: All coaches should already have a #NCCP. Coaches without a #NCCP can obtain one from The course is available free for coaches and can be accessed here).
  • Football BC will provide concussion cards free of charge to associations and schools which will be distributed to all coaches, team personnel, parents and athletes.

2. Have informed consent forms signed annually by parents and youth athletes acknowledging the risk of head injury prior to practice or competition.

3. Remove any athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury from play - "when in doubt, sit them out".

  • This refers to all practices and/or games.

4. Ensure that all athletes who have been removed from play as a result of a suspected head injury or concussion have written clearance from a licensed medical doctor prior to returning from play.

  • This clearance must be provided to Football BC upon request.

Use the following links to download the resources that your association requires to comply with the new policy:

The Football BC concussion policy is designed to ensure that all participants in amateur football understand the risk and potentially devastating effects of head injuries. Its purpose, through education for all parties involved, is to provide the safest possible setting for youth athletes.

Education Links:

The following are concussion-related stories that have been published in the last several years that demonstrate the dangers of concussions and head injuries particularly in football and some of the measures that have been undertaken by various institutions to increase player safety. Football BC encourages all members to visit the following links to gain a better appreciation of just how serious an issue concussion-safety is and why Football BC chose this time to announce its new policy.

Heads Up football video produced by the National Athletic Trainers' Association