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Team BC at the FBU International Games: Day 2 Journal

Posted on 2013-01-01 21:51:47

Following the first day of practice in preparation of the start of the FBU International Games, Team BC head coach Tom Kudaba promised that the second day would feature an even more intense session and he didn’t disappoint.

Day Two started out, however, with a practice of a different kind with Team BC being invited to view the All-American Bowl West team hold their practice out at Jerry Comalander Stadium where Team BC players and coaches alike couldn’t help but marvel at the opportunity to watch the top high school players in the United States get put through their paces in preparation of the showcase game at the All-American Games Week.

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From there, after a brief lunch, it was back to Mission Concepcion Park for the second straight day as Team BC got put through their paces by Coach Kudaba and his crew.

A scheduled two-hour practice turned into a three-hour session and there was more than one reason for the changed according to Coach K.

“We can’t control what the agenda is today so when they took us to the practice to watch the High School All-Americans, we spent a lot of time in the cold in the bleachers just getting stiff and all that so I wanted to make sure we weren’t just going to come out here and have a humdrum practice,” said Kudaba. “We also needed to work on certain situations that we’re going to see in a game.”

“It’s not a regular football game in some ways because they’re limiting what you can do on offense and defense, especially on defense where you’re not allowed to blitz. But they are giving us certain scenarios where there will be blitzing allowed and that’s like in the last two minutes of each half so we have to cover all those things.

“We’re trying to condense in two, three days of practice what normally you would have two weeks to do.”

Team BC returns to the practice one last time prior to their tilt against Europe on Thursday tomorrow when they change venues to a turf field at Wheatley Stadium.


Team BC learned today that Thursday’s game against Europe will be streamed for free at

The game kicks off at 5 pm CST/3 pm PST.