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Clarification on use and reconditioning of Adams Helmets

Posted on 2012-08-29 13:28:37

In June 2011, Schutt Sports acquired the football helmet and face mask assets from Adams USA. Adams USA is no longer in the football helmet business.

Football BC has received some questions regarding the use and reconditioning of the Adams Helmet. We have asked Schutt Sports CEO, Robert Erb, for some clarification and he has provided us with the following:

"Adams USA sold us the patent rights, tools and other assets, but remains in business. They have exited the football helmet business. Schutt is not manufacturing the Adams helmet for a variety of reasons. The Adams helments in the market, so long as they meet NOCSAE standards, may be used. Reconditioners are happy to recondition and recertify Adams branded helmets.

"At some point, parts may be a problem. But that problem does not exist today or in the foreseeable future."