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Defence rules the day at the 2016 Senior Bowl game

Posted on 2016-03-19 11:05:49

The 2016 Senior Bowl game proved that the old age 'defence wins championships' does ring true.

Team Orange, comprising of the defensive players at Senior Bowl camp, earned a convincing 34-11 victory over Team Black at camp-concluding intrasquad game held at Percy Perry Stadium on Saturday.

Video: Senior Bowl coach Jerry Friesen talks about a dominating performance by the defence

It was a slow-and-steady wins the game approach for the defence who built up the majority of their points through tackles for losses and sacks.

Team Orange built up a 10-0 lead before the offence was able to get on the board with QB Ben MacDonald (South Kamloops Titans) connecting with REC James McMichael (Windsor Dukes) in the end zone to cut the lead to 10-6.

Photo Gallery: 2016 Senior Bowl game

Team Orange led 12-8 after half-time (Black earned two points for a 25-plus yard big play).

Team Black, however, would pull away in the second half opening the frame with 19 straight points including an impressive sequence featuring Dillon Cusker (New Westminster Hyacks) who recorded consecutive tackles for losses on one drive.

Team Orange would also get points off a field goal.

RB Adam Daher (Notre Dame Jugglers) earned the Offensive Player of the Game honours, while DB Ethan Mastin (GW Graham Grizzlies) earned the Defensive Player of the Game honours.

Positional awards for Senior Bowl camp were also announced at the conclusion of the contest.

Video: Senior Bowl post-game awards ceremony

The winners are listed below:

MVP – Ben MacDonald
Most Improved – Wesley Van Vliet

MVP – Torin Keoughan
Most Improved – Reece Barber

MVP – Caleb Bucholtz
Most Improved – Kenya Gerald

MVP - Sarban Sidhu
Most Improved – Elliot Beamer

MVP – Justin Young
Most Improved – Mathew Ibbetson

MVP – Reid Williams
Most Improved – Brooks Miller

MVP – Rochon Bhattacharya
Most Improved – Ryan Payne