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Recap of Day 2 at the High Roller Football Showdown

Posted on 2016-01-22 22:04:18

By Michiko Araki

After an early morning practice for all three Team BC groups, the players then geared up for a full day of activities beginning with the U18 players who took part in the Varsity Skills Competition at Athletic Gaines.

In the skills competition, players had a chance to compete against the Las Vegas Varsity players in one-on-one drills and team activities. The lineup of activities for the day included medicine ball toss, long jump, sled push sprint, L-drill, and a bench press competition, giving the players plenty of opportunity to showcase their speed and strength.

Highlights included a L-drill win by Zac Callaghan, a great long jump effort by Gavin Cobb, and a stellar performance by the O-Line and D-Line in the group tug-of-war competition.

In the evening, it was time for some Friday Night Lights action as the Grade 8 and U16 teams faced off against the Grade 8 and U16 Las Vegas teams, respectively.

Although the Grade 8 team put up a solid fight and played until the final whistle, the game ended in a 44-0 score for the opposition. The score on the board wasn’t what they wanted but the players were able to gain some valuable experiences.

As for the U16 team, they fell just short of what would have been a huge upset win after a tough 14-6 loss. Some of big highlights included a big run by Teon Alexander-Amour, a pass knockdown by Marcus Athans to force a turnover on downs on fourth and long, and a huge catch for a touchdown by first-time Team BC player Reace Mok.

On Saturday, both the Grade 8 and U16 teams will have a chance for redemption as they play another game. The U18s will finally get their chance to show their stuff on the field as they battle Team Las Vegas Varsity.

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