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The anatomy of a campaign – Why we support HEAL4Life

Posted on 2015-11-10 11:23:39

We are now into Week 2 of our “Football BC goes Blue” campaign in partnership with HEAL4Life. This campaign helps raise awareness for men’s health and early cancer detection.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the cause so far, and congratulate Mary-Beth on winning the tickets to the BC Lions regular season finale.

Several months ago, Football BC was contacted by Drew Williams – a former high school football and University football player asking our organization if we wanted to partner with his for this cause.

Football BC was more than happy to support a cause that we felt was very important, but because we wanted to help a fellow football guy. In this case, actually two football guys.

HEAL4Life stands for “Healthy Everyday Active Living 4 Life”. It was started by Kyle and Drew Williams – two brothers who have had the opportunity to play football together at various points.

From Waterdown High School, where then-quarterback Kyle led the team to five consecutive championships, to their notable career at Bishop’s University, the duo has lived to play. Whether it was through football, volleyball, track and field, or basketball, activity would always be a part of living a healthy life. Kyle and Drew embodied that philosophy.

At 23, Kyle was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It took two surgeries and an arduous bout of chemotherapy, but Kyle would eventually overcome this scary moment in his life. The day that Kyle was released from the hospital, his doctor commended him on how quickly he recovered – not only from the chemotherapy, but from the long and dangerous surgeries he had to endure. The doctor attributed this to Kyle’s dedication to eating healthy, being active, and always keeping a positive outlook on life.

One night shortly after, Kyle came to the realization that a healthy lifestyle is not only important for the long-term enjoyment of life, but it is also important for all those unpredictable moments in life; those moments when rather than you relying on your body to perform, your body relies on your decisions to keep it going.

Thus, HEAL4Life was born promoting men’s health and early cancer detection.

To donate, visit Remember to also order free helmet decals for your team while you're there to show your support!

Share your story! Send us your stories about overcoming cancer or the importance of men’s health awareness to you to and we will feature it on our website and newsletter.

About HEAL4Life:

This non-profit organization was founded by brothers Kyle and Drew Williams shortly after Kyle’s successful battle with testicular cancer. The brothers chose to create an organization which educated young men on the importance of healthy choices, personal fitness, and self-awareness. The organization raises awareness of men’s health and early cancer detection through social media campaigns and helmet stickers. Visit or follow @h4lkyle on Instagram for more information.