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2015 Team BC May Camp - Day 1 Report

Posted on 2015-05-16 20:55:32

The Team BC May Camp opened officially on Saturday with over close to 200 players attending the fifth annual event.

Once the pandemonium of the morning check-in was out of the way, it was right down to business for the players vying for a coveted spot on either U16 or U18 Team BC. Team BC’s plan for both age categories is to cut down to 50 players, respectively, at the conclusion of the Camp.

Day One of the Camp featured two practices, including the players being put through a Safe Contact session, as well as presentations from the University of British Columbia, University of Saskatchewan and University of Guelph.

Special thanks go out to the folks at Muscle MLK for providing their products to the players.

Click here for a photo gallery of Day 1 at the 2015 Team BC May Camp.

On the agenda on Sunday will feature presentations from all the remaining schools that did not present on Saturday with the exception of SFU which has limited participation due to NCAA regulations.

All the participating schools, sans SFU, will also hosting a special “Recruiting Night” for the U18 players on Sunday which will allow the schools to speak directly with the players.

As amazing an opportunity for the players to meet the schools sounds (and, truly, it is), this is an event where the schools are the ones who feel like they’re getting their bang for their buck.

Case and point, among the players that made U18 Team BC, last year, the likes of Jesse Walker (Manitoba), Caleb Abraham (Manitoba), Theodore Landers (Guelph), Will Kinnaird (SFU), Nick Cessford (UBC), Malik Besseghieur (Western Ontario), Justin DesLauriers (SFU), Edgar Nelson (UBC) and Joshua Taitinger all found post-secondary playing opportunities. What do all those schools listed there have in common? They were all at the 2014 Team BC May Camp.

That list shows just the players who made the final U18 Team BC roster and competed in Auburn. If we were to look up the full list of all the players that came to try out at last year’s Camp, that list would certainly be exponentially larger!

Sunday’s key events are as follows:
- 9:30 am – 11:30 am – Practice at Minoru
- 3 pm – 5 pm – Practice at Minoru
- 5:30 pm – Dinner and presentations
- 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm – U18 Recruiting Night / U16 Team Activity