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Important FAQ for all BCCFA clubs regarding transition to esportsdesk platform

Posted on 2015-03-08 17:38:40


esportsdesk is a web services company specializing in serving sports organization. Among their offerings, they provide tools for clubs and associations to register players directly into the league management platform and take payments online.

1. Why is Football BC requiring all Community clubs to transition to the esportsdesk platform?

Each year, Community clubs have two major requirements to fulfill in order to be insured by Football BC and be in good standing: Pay their membership fees and submit their list of players/coaches/executives.

While some clubs are able to fulfill the requirements in the timelines set out each year, the majority of clubs are often behind.

The esportsdesk system allows clubs to collect their own program fees directly from the player and also, as a separate line item, Football BC Membership fees are also paid for directly by the player. This way, the player/parent can clearly see where their fees are going when they pay.

The esportsdesk system also collects the data that clubs are required to report to Football BC. As Football BC can go directly to the esportsdesk system to access that information once a membership has been purchased, this eliminates a significant administrative burden on clubs that would have previously been required to collect all the information, manually enter them into an Excel spreadsheet, and then submit it to Football BC.

Football BC is also working with our insurance provider to keep the cost of insurance as low as possible. Many variables contribute to the rising cost of insurance. We are all aware of the multi-million dollar lawsuits in Canada and the United States that are a huge concern to our insurers.

It is vitally important that Football BC is able to substantiate to our insurers that those we insure are under our policy and are adhering to our safety protocols and policies.

We need to ensure our athletes, and their parents or guardians, are accessing our safety information.

We need to ensure our coaches and team officials are also following our safety protocols such as criminal record checks, concussion education (Making Headway in Football), and newer and safer blocking and tackling techniques (Safe Contact).

This is paramount to keeping our game as safe as possible and making sure we are all doing the best for all our participants.

2. My club already has an existing website. Do I have to sign up for a FREE website with esportsdesk?

YES. Every Club/Association under Football BC must have a FREE esportsdesk website as this is the Club Administrator access to the Registration, Membership & League Management tools used by Football BC and the BCCFA. If your club already has an existing ‘official’ website, then you can add a registration button to your current page that allows parents/players to access their esportsdesk account and register with your club and the BCCFA and Football BC in a single transaction. The function of your existing site will not be affected.

For clubs that do not have an existing website, this is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a value-added service for free.

3. Why did the player registration fee increase from $40 to $45 after the system was launched?

At the time of the system’s launch, an incorrect membership price was posted. We have since corrected the price. Football BC’s overall membership price is tied into a variety of factors but the biggest one is insurance costs. If the insurance costs go up, our fees increase to match.

The “membership fee” portion of Football BC’s membership price has actually not increased in the last five years. All increases within the last five years have been linked to increases in the cost of insurance.

4. What does a Football BC membership fee entitle a player/coach to?

Football BC’s membership fee provides a player with insurance as well as access to Football BC’s resource and programs. That includes, but is not limited to, events such as the Football BC Combine Series, Team BC camps and Senior Bowl.

For coaches, the fee includes plus access to coaching resources such as Football BC’s coaches’ clinics and Football BC Provincial Conference.

This membership fee DOES NOT include a membership to Football Canada. Football Canada is currently creating an online system to collect National Membership fees. They anticipate having this system in place sometime in 2015.

5. Does a player have to pay by credit card? What if they do not have one?

The esportsdesk system currently accepts Visa or MasterCard for electronic payment. For players/parents who do not have access to a credit card and are unable to purchase a prepaid credit card (available at most gift card racks at major department/grocery stores), they can contact their club administrator who is able to complete the registration and membership process on behalf of a player after receiving cash payment for Club Program and the Football BC/BCCFA Memberships.

6. Are coaches responsible for registering themselves and do they have to pay for their own membership?

Coaches are responsible for registering themselves on the online site. However, as the general practice for clubs is to cover the membership fees for their coaches, all coaches can register with the coupon code ‘fbccoach’ therefore bypassing the payment requirement.

This coupon code is issued by Football BC and essentially turns the coach/executive membership into a ‘cash owed’ transaction. Football BC will then bill each club using traditional invoicing methods. The Coach/Executive Membership fee is $45.

7. How do I get set up?

Please see the ‘BCCFA Online System FAQs’ page at

8. What is the actual Football BC membership breakdown for 2015?

Membership: $20
Insurance: $25

9. Are there transaction fees on top of the $45 Football BC fee?

No. $45 is all anyone will be charged for the Football BC membership.

10. If my son or daughter quits before the frozen roster date, can I get a refund?

Yes. Football BC will gladly refund any parent their membership fees if their child withdraws prior to the frozen roster date.

There will be a $5 administration fee deducted from the membership fees paid and Football BC will issue a refund directly to the parent or guardian.

11. Is there a break on the insurance paid for a player that only registers for Flag Football?

If a player does not register for Tackle Football in 2015 at the close of the frozen rosters in the Fall of 2015, Football BC will audit our membership and provide a $9 refund to any player that only played Flag in 2015.

Football BC will complete an audit each fall of the yearly membership and will be able to eliminate duplication of membership fees.

We are fully committed to refunding anyone who, in error, has been charged twice for membership.