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Football BC long weekend recap: Safe Contact Clinic & Family Day Combine

Posted on 2015-02-10 13:28:02

From Football BC Technical Director Dino Geremia

Thank you to our football community for a great football weekend.

The “Safe Contact Clinic” on Sunday brought coaches together for a complete coaching experience from the sessions by special guest Angus Reid, who poured out his passion for football and blocking, to the other facilitators bringing their expertise in the respective areas: Neil Cartwright (blocking), Jerome Erdman (tackling), Rob Williams (sport specific core and posture) and Kevin Phillips (sports therapy).

A great job was done by all the coaches in the running of the Safe Contact practice as the players were treated to great coaching. The greatest concern coming from the parents was that they will not have the same “safe contact” coaching from their respective club teams. I have assured them that all coaches will soon be brought updated on all the techniques. The responsibility is with all of us.

Monday was our third annual Football BC Family Day Combine. Once again, we had an impressive group of coaches come together to evaluate and assess the players. Each year, I am impressed with the progress being made by the players on the whole and the level of coaching that occurs in a short period of time. We appreciate the job of the coaches and applaud the efforts of the players.

A big thank you goes out to the parents and families that made football a part of their long weekend.