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Chiko returns at the Family Day Combine!

Posted on 2015-02-10 10:27:54

Michiko Araki, better known to most by her Twitter handle @hellochiko, made her return to the Football BC family this past weekend and, appropriately, it happened on Family Day at the Football BC Combine at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

In her triumphant comeback, Chiko not only jumped right back into being the face of Football BC on YouTube but tested her abilities with the rest of the athletes at the Combine as well.

Check out Chiko’s latest video which takes a look at the Combine tests in-depth.

For all the players that have taken part in a Combine or will be taking part in an upcoming Combine, can you beat Chiko’s times?

Chiko's Official results:

10-yard dash: 1.99 seconds
40-yard dash: 6.24 seconds
Pro-Agility: 5.4 seconds
Standing Broad Jump: 5’11”
Medicine Ball Toss: 17’

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