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Football BC Combine and Opportunities - Questions Answered

Posted on 2015-01-16 09:09:42

Still have questions about the upcoming Football BC Combine Series and what competitions/opportunities there are out there for those players who participate?

Football BC Technical Director has compiled a short FAQ.

What are the benefits of attending a Football BC Combine?

1. Experience

It is an event, “game day”, putting your skills and talents on the line as a measure of performance only makes you better each and every time you go through the process.


Measure yourself against other great players and more importantly against yourself.

3. Experienced Coaches and Evaluators

The use of laser timing and trained coaches lends itself to reliable scores that are made available to coaches and recruiters.
4. Future Opportunities

Great performances are rewarded with invites to future provincial camps and further opportunities to get better.

Register for a Football BC Combine session now!

What are some of these opportunities that are opened to players after they attend a Combine?

Senior Bowl

A special camp for current Grade 12 players graduating in June. Players can be from BC Community Football or BC High School Football.

Senior Bowl is hosted at the BC Lions Training Facility and features top coaches from University, Junior, High School and Community.

Registration to open soon.

U18 Team BC

Open to top senior players in the province entering grade 11 or 12 in the fall of 2015.

Competing in the Tanoa Bowl (or another similar caliber American competition), the cut-off age is flexible for this category as long as players are in Grade 11 or 12 in the Fall.Team BC will travel to play the best competition maximizing player exposure and the football experience.

U16 Team BC

In previous years, our top U16 players have participated in the Red River Cup in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 2015, this team is open to players born in 2000 & 2001. The tournament introduces players to elite competition from across the country and serves as an introduction to the recruiting process.

U14 (includes Grade 8, Grade 7 and Grade 6)

We are planning to host a tournament in the summer of 2015 in Kamloops as part of the Legacy Games! Age/Grade categories have yet to be determined but will include an opportunity for all in this age grade category.

In addition, there are plans for our Grade 8 team to return to the Tanoa Bowl in 2015. The opportunities with these teams serve as an illustration of the commitment it takes to be successful and compete at a high level.

Why do the tournaments that Team BC participates in differ from year-to-year?

We are committed to providing these opportunities as we develop players and coaches. Tournaments and competitions are subject to change based on hosting groups and organizations. Sometimes, the host/organizer may change locations, competition levels, or cancel the event altogether the event.

In such cases we will remain committed to finding the best opportunity for our players.

“Be evaluated by the best; perform your best, play with the best”