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Tanoa Bowl: Team BC Grade 8 falls to NW Cougars

Posted on 2014-12-28 11:51:09

Auburn, WA - Team BC Grade 8 showed their defence could match-up against just about any challenge thrown at them. The offence, however, was another story.

In their first-ever appearance at the Tanoa Bowl Classic, the boys from British Columbia dropped a 22-0 decision to the NW Cougars.

Team BC’s defence started strong after forcing the Cougars to turn the ball over on downs on a fourth down gamble in the first quarter but just a couple of plays later, starting quarterback Gideone Kremler (Victoria Renegades) would fumble the ball on his own 38-yard line giving the ball back to the Cougars.

The Cougars would strike on the very next play on a 38-yard pass and catch for a touchdown and added a successful two-point convert to lead 8-0. That would turn out to be all the points they needed.

Team BC’s defence would continue to stand strong throughout the game forcing seven fourth downs , including five turnover on downs on the Cougars. However, their offence never managed to come together as they earned just two first downs in the contest – one on a Kremler run and another one a Jello Juatco (North Surrey Eagles/Holy Cross Crusaders) run.

The NW Cougars scored on a five-yard run in the third quarter, and added a 66-yard touchdown run late in the contest to round out the scoring.

Kinsale Philip (Royal City Hyacks) was named the defensive player of the game.

LB Kinsale Philip:
[on the team’s play defensively]
We played really great defence but our offence couldn’t really get together. On defence, there were only three plays that we lost. Every other play we were there. I think it was a great game, a great experience.
RB Jello Juatco:
[on the team’s offensive struggles]
They put two big guys in the middle and they put their fastest guys on the outside. I think that was definitely tough for our guys to handle.
[on the overall experience playing at the Tanoa Bowl Classic]
Playing these kids are making us better as well as making them better as well.
QB Gideone Kremler:
[on the opposing team]
They were really big and really physical. They didn’t out-match us in skill but physical-wise, especially at this age when we haven’t really started getting into the training, it’s kind of hard to get up there and be at the same level as they are.
[on his team’s defence]
We were really disciplined and we played really well. Our coaches helped us a lot on this.
[on what the Coach Geremia told the team after the game]
He was talking about how competing is one of the biggest things in sport. We had to compete today. We didn’t pull out a win but it was a good game and it showed us a lot about what football is like down here.
Team BC Grade 8 head coach Dino Geremia:
[on the team’s solid play defensively]
After knocking off some jitters early, I think we really came out and were physical. I think on the line of scrimmage they [NW Cougars] were doing some things to move our defensive line around which didn’t match them size-wise but we took advantage of our athleticism and did some good things on the line of scrimmage.
[on the offence’s struggles]
Typically offences take a little longer to click. There’s a little more execution involved. I think it was just a matter of starting to see some things later in the third quarter. I think the biggest thing that they got to take away is we need to be a little more in tune to execution. Some of the players that were a factor still play Canadian football so the transition to playing American was a little more of a factor on offence than on defence.
[on the overall experience at the Tanoa Bowl]
The biggest thing is the level of competition. We’re in a football culture. We’re in a competitive environment. If these guys can soak that in and come back a little stronger, a little bit more in tune and committed, then we’re going to be doing well back here.