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Moon shines off the field in Reality TV debut

Posted on 2014-10-29 13:49:43

By Michiko Araki

This story can also be read on the Chiko's Corner blog.

Ray Moon, head coach of the South Delta Sun Devils, has been involved in more than football recently.

This season, he has taken his talents off the field to film a new reality television series called Game of Homes, which will air on the W Network in March 2015.

In the show, teams of amateur home renovators work together to revamp heritage homes and turn them in to dream homes. In the show, Ray teamed up with his daughter, Crystal, for a chance to compete at the ultimate prize of winning the house they renovated together.

Although the filming has been a fun and memorable bonding experience with his daughter, football is still Ray’s number one focus.

Ray, who has coached with the Sun Devils since 2002 and been their head coach since 2006, took several weeks off for filming but is back now and ready to lead his squad hopefully to a AAA championship.

When asked about his passion for coaching, he explained that his success as a coach doesn't come from winning games or championships, but from having an opportunity to help his athletes succeed by giving them a chance to pursue a post-secondary education through obtaining scholarships through football.

“[Football has] given me an opportunity to be heavily involved and give back to the kids,” says Moon.

One of his most memorable moments as a coach was seeing one of his former players, Dylan Ainsworth, get drafted 11th overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in last year’s CFL Draft. Ainsworth was also one of the players who helped the Sun Devils win their first ever BC AA High School Championship in 2008.

With the South Delta Sun Devils seeing success in the AAA division this season with a current 5-1 regular season record, Ray is excited for what’s ahead for the Sun Devils.

“Our loss last week was an awakening for the boys,” he said. “However, they’re very excited, refocused, and are looking forward to the playoffs.”