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Provincial ID camps testing results

Posted on 2012-02-29 11:47:31

Testing results for all players that attended one of the Provincial ID camp sessions in 2012 are now available. Please note the following before checking the results:

- Results are sorted by position;

- There may be some human errors during the inputting of the data. If you notice an error, please email to let us know and we will try to correct it;

- For the Long Jump results, some results were entered in foot and inches while some results were entered in inches only. To figure, 12 inches = 1 foot; and

- Testing results are one of the evaluation methods used by the provincial coaching staff in determining which players to invite specifically to Senior Bowl camp and to continue on with the Team BC tryout process but are not the method utilized.

2012 Prep to be the Best testing results

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2012 Senior Bowl tryout testing results