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Game Ready Tip - Nutrition and Proper Sleep

Posted on 2014-06-30 23:34:37

Maximize your workouts, development and growth with proper sleep.

Research has shown that children and youth make poor dietary choices which obviously impacts workouts and sleep. Student-athletes consistently show a lack of proper nutrition and proper sleep.

Below are some helpful hints to ensure all have a good night sleep.

Growing children and youth should sleep between 8-10 hours per night. Food may help. Try any of these seven foods a couple of hours before bedtime to help your brain release "sleep chemicals."

1. Bananas - You get magnesium, serotinin and melatonin (natural sleep regulator).

2. Cherry juice - Research shows two glasses of cherry juice can help you sleep 40 minutes longer. It increases melatonin.

3. Oatmeal - Also rich in melatonin.

4. Honey - Tells your brain to turn off orexin (a neuropeptide linked to alertness).

5. Whole-wheat bread - Eat this with banana and it helps tryptophan get to your brain. Once there, it changes into serotonin.

6. Warm skim milk - Contains tryptophan and this has a natural sedating effect.

7 Almonds and walnuts - Contains magnesium and tryptophan...increases serotonin. Nuts are great brain food, too. (Terry Small Learning Corporation)