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Getting the most out of your off-season workouts - by Coach Dino Geremia

Posted on 2014-05-02 09:22:18

Off-season workouts are becoming increasingly valuable as coaches try to squeeze as much time with their respective sports as possible. Keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary to develop strength and speed, fundamentals and techniques to achieve significant improvements.

If athletes are not developing and are making the same mistakes or have significant weaknesses, take them off the field or court of competition and into the gym. Many would refer to this as "Sharpening the saw!"

1. Be ready to go!

Be on time with proper clothing and footwear; if you need to carry a bag with extras (t-shorts, sweat tops, cleats, etc.) do it! You must take away any excuse not to participate at the most intense level.

2. Fuel up

Eat a well-balanced meal/snack within an hour before your workout and then replenish within an hour after your workout. Drink water before, during and after your workout to maintain proper hydration.

3. Coaching is key

At least half of your workouts should be coached. The best coach is one that is a trained professional, has played and trained the way you would like to, and has seen greatness so they can view you through that lens. The feedback, encouragement and challenge from a coach makes it 80% (some researchers say as high as 90%) more likely for you to achieve your goals.

4. Work hard & commit

Having the first three points in place will also hold you accountable to your commitment and work ethic. You must believe that your opponent is working hard and committing so that you bring that competitiveness to each workout session.

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