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April Fools 2014

Posted on 2014-04-01 10:31:54

Beginning in the 2014 season, all leagues are now mandated to play eight-down football rather than the customary three-down football played at the BC Community Football Association and BC Football Conference level, or the four-down football played at the BC High School Football level.

"After careful consultation with our competition committee, and by that I mean a couple guys I like to share a beer with over the weekends, I've decided that this is the best course of action for football in the province," said Reda. "Football is all about scoring and what better way to increase scoring odds than to play eight downs."

In addition to the eight-down rule, Reda also announced that bounce passes will be permitted thereby eliminating the notion of incomplete passes.

"How many times have you watched a quarterback drop back and make a big pass only to watch the ball hit the turf and have disappointment ensue?" asked Reda. "Well now the receiver, if he can't catch the ball out of the air because sometimes that's just really hard to do, can just pick it up off the turf and run in for a touchdown. It's all about points!"

With British Columbia adopting the new rules, Reda envisions it won't be long before all of Canada converts to the same rules as well.

"Sometimes change is needed for a sport to thrive but I can imagine a lot of people reading this story being very infuriated," said Reda. "I can imagine most people probably won't even read this far into this article but if they do and they realize what today's date is, then I hope they've had a good laugh.









"April Fools."